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Here Our Next Meeting is Wednesday June 29th 7:00 PM The Farm 

See details below

March Updates and Upcoming Meetings

Hello “West Side” We the People, 
Thank you all for attending the meeting last Wednesday 4/27/22.
Many of you have been asking for the Dr. Ardis slides and I do have them. The Resistance Chicks were able to post the video from the meeting and the slides on their website. They are the most wonderful patriots in Cincinnati! I had some trouble with the file being too large to email out and Michelle Svensson from the Resistance Chicks was a huge help from God! Thank you, Michelle and Leah, for all you do!! https://www.resistancechicks.com/dr-ardis-covenom-19-slides-documentation/
Next months meeting is Wednesday May 25th. Niel Petersen, Independent candidate for Ohio Governor will return for a full presentation and Q and A. Also speaking on May 25th is Angela Hymer who is running as a Republican for the State House of Representatives for District 30 against Bill Seitz.
June Meeting features Tore Maras who is running for Secretary of State Ohio.

Niel Petersen website if you want to learn more or get involved in helping his campaign. https://www.nielpetersen.com

Ron Hood/Candice Keller website is: https://www.hoodkellerforohio.com Thanks to all for your attendance and support!  

What is up next???

May Meeting- Wednesday, May 25th 7:00 p.m. Scheduled speakers are Niel Petersen Independent Candidate for Ohio Governor and Angela Hymer Candidate for Ohio House of Representatives for District 30.

June Meeting- Wednesday, June 29th Tore Maras Independent Candidate for Ohio Secretary of State. 

See you on Wednesday, June 29th 7:00 pm The Farm 

HB 248 Medical Freedom

Update on HB 248
Please go to the website pasted here:   https://www.voteyesonhb248.com/
Here you can Take Action and gain signatures that are needed for this bill to be put on the ballot in May for the voters to decide.  If you


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