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Here Our Next Meeting is Wednesday September 28th 7:00 pm The Farm in Delhi

See details below

September Updates

Hello “West Side” We the People, 
 Next month on Wednesday, September 28th we will have Randall Terry speak on Pro-Life and the Roe v Wade overturn by the Supreme Court and what this means in Ohio and across the nation. Randall Terry has been a pro-life advocate for many years. He ran his own Crisis Pregnancy Center in the past and has worked tirelessly fighting for the unborn across the nation speaking at 100’s of events over the years.

Also- Here is a link to a new physician network that will be starting in Cincinnati. It is America’s Frontline Doctors founder Dr. Simone Gold. She is starting a clinic here in Cincinnati next month. Two Nurse Practitioners who attend our monthly meetings will be working there. Both will speak soon about this exciting new clinic with providers that you can trust to have “your” best interest at heart. See the link here on “Gold Care”. https://goldcare.com/                 

See you on Wednesday, September 28th at  7:00 pm The Farm 


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